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Cyber attacks and theft have risen 158%

Your security is at risk from new and complex threats from around the world.

We have the innovation and team to prevent and eliminate threats that other cyber security companies are not aware of.

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Real World Ready

We are hidden in the background of some of the most well known leaders in the world. Protecting, connecting and improving your life with the latest tech security and innovation.

We offer the latest in

Cyber Security

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Military Level Encryption

Facial Recognition

Access Control

Privacy Protection

Ai Monitoring

Be confident in your security

Are you interested in remotely watching over your home or business? Would you like
to be able to check on your property's security when you are away on vacation?
Then you are ready for a video surveillance system.

At Brain Power Technology you will have access to leading edge technology. Our hi-def video surveillance systems can keep you connected to everything you need to keep your home or business secure.

What We Do

State of the Art Security

Protect, monitor, and record your property, business, and/or loved ones. We provide customized commercial grade surveillance equipment with high-quality visuals and sound. We keep your prized possessions monitored at all times.

Innovative Technology & Computer Solutions

From installing Wi-Fi in your home, all the way to providing virus removal - we have you covered. For elite protection we offer customized innovative technology that works for your needs.

Smart Data Backups

Backups are necessary due to the constant threat of modification or erasure of data due to accidental deletions, malware, and ransomware, natural disasters, or other events. We have processes and tools to properly back-up critical information with a proven methodology for timely recovery of it. We provide an efficient mechanism to recover deleted or corrupted files, and to abide by data retention requirements. Backups also play a crucial role in expediting the recovery from malicious cyber activity allowing the restoration of a system to a reliable state that is free of malware infections and retains the original data.

Why Choose Us?

Peace of Mind

Not only do we have more ways to protect you than anyone else, we do more to stand behind our security systems. We offer up to 10-year warranties on servers and security camera surveillance systems. This is unprecedented in the technology industry.


We provide you with a detailed breakdown of the work performed by our engineers from the investigate/research stage through to resolution, with dates, times and engineers; or specialists names detailed for your review.

Advanced Technology

We provide advanced technology that maintains your privacy. We offer an offsite backup service that is HIPAA compliant. We use military level encryption. Our software encrypts your data before it is sent to our servers, and if available, we will setup VPN's to our server locations to ensure the transfer is secure.


Experienced, Skilled & Diverse Staff

We have over 80 years of combined experience. Our areas of expertise include: Computer/Network IT design and support, cyber security, data protection, video/audio surveillance, access control, software development, VOIP phone service, local and wide area Wi-Fi and security, home automation, solar products and online/digital marketing.

We recognize that our ongoing success is solely reliant on providing an informed and professional service to our clients at the same time as being friendly, compassionate and understanding of your needs. Our shift towards innovation and sustainability has kept our large clients happy. It is important to upgrade and evolve with the times.

“We will reduce your network downtime, so you can save and earn more money. Brain Power Technology has thrived for 20 years because we deliver great value.”

Kenrick Sutherland, Tech Solutions Provider

Our Services

Surveillance Cameras

Our custom made, high tech surveillance cameras are perfect for businesses looking to monitor cash registers, keep track of merchandise, and more.

IT Support

We are here to help keep you and your files secure. If you ever need advice or support, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Data Backups

We save all of your important files on a secure server so you never have to worry about accidents or computer crashes.


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Our Clients

Companies we provide IT, consulting and surveillance services for include

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About Us

Hi-Tech Surveillance, Advanced Cyber Security, Data Backup and IT Support

Brain Power Technology was established in 2003. We are a video surveillance and computer security company based in New York, NY. We have proudly served the following regions for two decades: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.
Brain Power Technology began with one goal in mind: to offer cutting edge technology and stellar service to our customers. With competitive and affordable pricing alongside experienced technology staff, we are here to make you feel confident with your virtual and property security. Our vision is to make you Real World Ready (TM). Protecting your physical property and your digital assets has never been more important.
In today's digital landscape, our world has gotten extremely small and cyber threats and attacks have risen to all-time highs. It's gotten to the point where a teenager from a developing country can access your data from a gaming console. With the emergence of Web 3.0, augmented and mixed reality, Metaverse, and gaming accessibility, your digital devices have become more accessible. Hackers have found innovative ways to steal from you. In response, we have found ways to protect you.