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Websites, Data Back Up and IT Support

Brain Power Technology was established in 2003. We are a video surveillance and computer security company based in New York, NY. We have proudly served the following regions for two decades: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.
Brain Power Technology began with one goal in mind: to offer cutting edge technology and stellar service to our customers. With competitive and affordable pricing alongside experienced technology staff, we are here to make you feel confident with your virtual and property security. Our vision is to make you Real World Ready (TM). Protecting your physical property and your digital assets has never been more important.
In today's digital landscape, our world has gotten extremely small and cyber threats and attacks have risen to all-time highs. It's gotten to the point where a teenager from a developing country can access your data from a gaming console. With the emergence of Web 3.0, augmented and mixed reality, Metaverse, and gaming accessibility, your digital devices have become more accessible. Hackers have found innovative ways to steal from you. In response, we have found ways to protect you.

"At Brain Power Technology, we provide new-age security solutions to combat new-age criminals. We never stop innovating. I created our motto "Real World Ready" five years ago after I received my black belt in martial arts. Being able to defend people and equipping them with the ability to protect what they cherish most is our number one goal."

Curtis May, CIO

"I have built my career on always being available and honest with our clients. Nothing is more important than integrity and reliability. We are here to serve and protect you!"

Kenrick Sutherland, Tech Solutions Provider

A Few Of Our Clients

Companies we provide IT, consulting and/or surveillance services for include: