Our Products and Services

From the Latest Cameras to 32 Channel DVRs:

We have many products and services that are all within the technology family. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Video Surveillance Products & Installations
  • Computer Support & Networking
  • Data Backup
  • Document Management
  • Websites & Marketing
  • Technology Solutions

Our Services

Video Surveillance Products

Brain Power Technology offers your home and business surveillance with live remote viewing using the highest commercial-grade security cameras. We specialize in both indoor and weatherproof outdoor security cameras as well as systems with advanced features such as infrared night vision in complete darkness and remote viewing via computers and mobile devices worldwide. Our systems offer the highest quality video and sound using a 32 channel dvr. This allows you to protect your loved ones, property, and business. Additionally, this system can be used for video conferencing. You can meet, learn, and work in real-time by having virtual meetings.

Computer Support & Networking

A reliable and secure network is key to any successful organization. Our tech team can wire & install modems, routers, switches, firewalls, work stations, desktops, and servers. Once these are installed we have expert & reliable IT support for New York to keep everything working and secure.

Data Backup

This piece of technology will keep copies of your documents, files, and folders safe and secure in our online system. No more worrying that you have lost all of your important files accidentally or during computer crash.

Technology Solutions

We provide comprehensive technology solutions for a one-stop approach to your technology needs for your home or business. This includes reliable support and maintenance for your computer or laptop. We also provide spyware and virus removal.

Websites & Marketing

We specialize in putting your business ahead of the rest by creating dynamic and cutting edge marketing websites.